Where do YOU engage Lostness? by Phil Kesler

In your city, there are many people that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. In some cities, about 80 percent are not walking with the Lord and destined for an eternity apart from Him.

What are we doing about it? Do we – do you – have an intentional plan for reaching the lost in the community? Where do you or can you go where you can have conversations that lead to salvation?

Do you visit the same gas station / convenience store, barber /salon, grocer, or gym – where folks gather, do something together, and naturally talk with one another for a few minutes? What about at social gatherings at school, community centers, and such? Waiting around to pick up a child at school? What about in the waiting room at doctors /dentists – lots of time to talk to folks.

There are many encounters that are “unplanned” during our day but much of our agenda puts us in the same places where we meet one or more people. Being in the right place at the right time guided by the Spirit was the example Jesus set for us – and he met some very interesting people that needed something from Him. I believe many of the people we meet also need something from God – and as His ambassadors, we need to be flexible to where He is working and go to those places. Who knows – today may be the day you get to present the Good News to someone that has never heard or never responded to His gift of salvation. Are you available for assignment?

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