Using Your Profession to Extend the Kingdom by Phil Kesler

Since the time of the early church, missionaries have gone out from one country to reach another. Many of these missionaries were sent in a “traditional” way – people trained in seminaries, largely with pastoral skills – and supported by churches. Many countries were reached and churches were planted in many countries around the world.

The reality is that there never have been, nor ever will be, enough “professional clergy missionaries” available to reach the unreached in the entire world. That is because we are all supposed to be using our profession to extend the Kingdom of God wherever we are and wherever our job takes us!

Paul used his profession of leatherworking /tent repair to sustain him and to provide a forum where he could regularly engage “normal folks” in the city commercial districts. Moravian missionaries used their professions in the countries where they felt God sending them. Today, some agencies specialize in facilitating the sending out of highly qualified workers in a variety of professional capacities.

It would probably surprise most folks to realize that the job they currently are doing is probably highly coveted overseas in more than one place – and many of those places are unreached with the Gospel. Jobs in the areas of health care, education, sports, social work, and business are available and in some cases – the need is urgent for competent professionals. Each region of the world has its own special needs and salaries vary, but many good paying jobs can be found around the globe!

Have you ever put your job before the Lord and asked Him if He might have you work somewhere else – that has never heard the Gospel? Are you ready to go where He leads – and take your spouse and family – if you have them – with you too? Imagine for a moment your family having the adventure of a lifetime, seeing God work through your lives together! It may be that God wants you to be the best engineer, teacher, business professional, sports leader, health or social worker that you can be and share Jesus with those that have never heard!!!

Are you ready to ask Him today?

May you be receptive and obedient to whatever He says!

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