Kingdom Principles Model For Others by Ron Roy

Be an Example worth Following

     John C. Maxwell writes that the number one management principle is that: “people do what people see.”

Management principle or not, most parents would say the same thing as they watch child after child begin to pick up naturally the good habits as well as some of the bad from both parents. Children learn to tie shoes by watching and then doing. Words are repeated with the same inflection in the voice.  Phrases are repeated even though the meaning may not have been learned yet by the child.   Life principles are also part of the modeling chain.

I have also seen this principle lived out in the discipleship chain as life principles and values are passed from disciple to disciple from generation to generation.  People, disciples, children learn to do what they see others do.  How important it is for us to model for those who are watching, learning, forming and expanding their concept of life.


Review the last 72 hours and the persons who saw you in action living life as it came to you.  What did you model to them?  Where did your decisions point them?  When did they see you at your best and worst?   What are your observations from these same 72 hours: who did you watch to see how they did life?  Who/What were they listening too?  How did they react to conflict, praise, stress, laughter?  What did they model for you positively or negatively?

Here is my “Big Ten” list that reminds me not to forget to MODEL for others.

  • Stay up to date on your own connectedness with Jesus your Model

Listen to His voice, Learn from His word; Love Him as you trust and obey, 

  • Let your heart set the pace in your life flow

Leading, Parenting, Ministering from the heart keeps us in a listening mode. Being transparent, honest, open, and vulnerable allows you to keep fresh modeling relationships.  (See Proverbs 4:23)  If we are an example that is only “head” driven than those who follow may develop tendencies that ignore soul care. 

  • Remember the skipping rock principle of modeling

Someone skips the rock and you watch.  Then you try.  The person helps you make adjustments.  You watch again, try again and the process is repeated until one day you are “the someone” in another persons life.  Modeling has a ripple effect to it.  You never know when what you are modeling will be repeated again, again, again, again and again.   What a responsibility!  What an opportunity!  

  • Being a good model, is another form of passing on Blessing. You model well. You bless. Choose to model well.  Choose to bless. Be a blessing.
  • You model for others 24 / 7.
  • You will model what you have learned and observed in others. Choose wisely.
  • Others will model what they have seen you do, say, react, decide. This can involve multiple generations. (See II Timothy 2:2) Live wisely.
  • You cannot, not model.
  • Your life influence continues in others. As your life’s: values, priorities, principles and purposes are adopted in the lives of others, your legacy example is multiplied in future generations.
  • When you model life, you are helping to design, sculpt and shape another person’s life and ministry. Enjoy your artwork.  Stay on target.

 Let the blessings overflow through your example. People ARE watching.  

Ron Roy –

Glocal Focus Associate

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