Inward Focus versus Kingdom Focus by Phil Kesler

When you look at your church, what do you see? Does it reflect the priorities of the membership, or does it support Kingdom priorities?

So much of the daily activities of traditional or legacy churches is program based – meetings, classes, and structure designed to support the ministry needs of those already attending the church; even much social outreach is simply more ministry to those that cannot make it to church but are already saved (or were least attending or family to those attending). Much is focused on maintaining, continuing, and building community inside the building – a club like mentality.

Very few churches have a hospital mentality (though there is much talk about it). Little is done to purposefully expand the Kingdom of God throughout the community among those that do NOT know Him yet. Few churches have house or cell groups that have as their focus evangelism, discipleship, and multiplication (and not just another Bible study of members that does not grow numerically) and fewer still reach different ethnic groups. So many urban churches have changed so much that the neighborhood around the church no longer reflects the original founding population but may have significant members of immigrant groups living right next door to the church building!

What is your focus – Inward or Kingdom? What’s it going to take to change? Food for thought

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